Da/Pro Rubber can custom compound a variety of rubber materials. Neoprene is a brand name developed by DuPont Performance Elastomers. It is a name for a family of synthetic rubbers based on polychloroprene. DuPont developed this family of rubbers as an oil-resistant alternative to natural rubber. 

Neoprene Rubber has a wide range of beneficial properties, including:

  • resistance to ozone and other weather elements,
  • resistance to oils and other chemicals,
  • is useful over a wide temperature range,
  • resists tears or damage caused by flexing and twisting, and
  • resists burning better than exclusively hydrocarbon rubbers.

Because of these properties, neoprene rubber is useful in a variety of applications.  Neoprene rubber gaskets and neoprene grommets are used in devices that are exposed to extreme chemicals and temperatures.  Neoprene gaskets are often used in automative and oil & gas industry as a seal against corrosive environments and weather elements.  Neoprene grommets are used in electrical connectors in the aerospace and electronic industries. 

Neoprene rubber has become a popular material choice in modern applications ranging from clothing to electronic cases. Find out if Neoprene rubber is the right choice for your application, visit our Elastomeric Chart (link to said) or contact a sales account manager today