Custom Molded Rubber, Plastic & TPE Products

Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. is a leading custom manufacturer of precision rubber, TPE and plastic molding products, serving the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) market since 1960. The proprietary Da/Pro Process automatically adjusts for rubber compound and rubber part configuration variables. The result is repeatability of precision high tolerance parts of consistent quality in production quantities minimizing the need for secondary deflashing operations.

Da/Pro strives for world-class customer service by offering complete in-house capabilities from design assistance for the moldability of the component, rubber compound development, laboratory testing, mold construction, sub-assembly and full service quality assurance. Da/Pro's precision molded rubber capabilities also include our class 10,000 clean room for molding health care and other precision molded rubber parts requiring special handling.

Da/Pro has facilities located in California, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Singapore and we provide our full service custom rubber molding services to satisfied customers around the world. Contact us about your most demanding custom precision molded rubber applications whether they are large or small. Our knowledgeable sales and service personnel will be happy to help turn your problems into solutions.


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Case Studies
Da/Pro Team Solves Critical Molding Parameters for Medical Devices

Our customer contacted Da/Pro during the R&D phase of this project. Their engineers were designing a part that would be used in a IV system. It was critical that the seal not fail. This was a part that was very difficult to mold.

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Da/Pro Plastic Engineers Assist in Design to Eliminate Secondary Processes in a Medical Device

A leader in the development of innovative products designed to help patients better manage their diabetes, requested a quote for a device that monitors blood glucose levels. This company had worked with 2 different off-shore manufacturers that could not get this part right. The company had requested that the supplier come up with a solution to overmold the plastic with a Thermoplastic Elastomer that would aid in the comfort of the device yet also eliminate the secondary operation of appling a sealing gasket.

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Custom Rubber Molding Solutions Solve Problems that Off-The-Shelf Components Can't Touch

Customer was launching a new printer for printing labels for marking wires and fiber optics cables. The feed mechanism of the printer consisted of a clutch composed of an o-ring, a sintered cylindrical busing and a shaft. The o-ring is placed over the shaft on a grove and the shaft/o-ring assembly is inserted into the sintered cylinder. As the shaft turns the o-ring turns and because of the friction created by the o-ring against the cylinder wall it turns the cylinder which advances the label.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest DA/PRO news, events, innovations and technological advancements.

Da/Pro Prepares for ISO 13485 Quality Certification July 20, 2015
Efforts are now underway across Da/Pro's U.S. quality and manufacturing teams to prepare for quality audits seeking ISO 13485 certification.  The quality team anticipates starting the certification audits...
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Oklahoma Facilities Receive ISO 9001 Re-certification August 27, 2015
Da/Pro's Broken Arrow and Owasso, Oklahoma facilities received renewed ISO 9001 certification on August 27, 2015.   Please reference our Quality section on this site for that documentation.  
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California Facility Receives ISO 9001 Re-certification November 5, 2015
Da/Pro's Valencia, CA facility received renewed ISO 9001 certification on November 05, 2015.Please reference our Quality section on this site for that documentation.  
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