Micro Molding

Micro Molding Rubber at Da/Pro Rubber

Medical, Electronics, and Consumer Goods industries are continually manufacturing smaller devices. The demand for micro molding has increased significantly. As the demand increases, the need for quality and tight tolerances also increases. Da/Pro has manufactured precision micro molding parts, including: Micro molding o-rings, Micro molding valves, and Micro molding custom shapes.

Da/Pro Rubber molds parts that weigh less than .00029 grams and are less than .0011" in diameter. Micro molding requires precision tooling and a controlled molding process.  (See the Da/Pro Process).   The Da/Pro Process allows micro molding parts that are high quality, tight tolerance, and virtually flash free. This process reduces the need for secondary operations such as cryogenic de-flashing which could potentially damage intricate parts.

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