Prototyping and Rapid Prototyping

From our very first account to our newest account, our ability to assist in our customer's product development has been instrumental in not only our growth, but in our customer's growth as well.


Da/Pro designs prototype tools that are capable of being worked into production tools after the finalization of the design. While these tools are more expensive than aluminum prototype tools, they produce parts capable of passing functionality testing. The same material and GMP traceability standards apply to these parts. They may also serve as additional cavities for production runs and reduce the costs of the final production tool. Producing prototype parts that are capable of passing functionality tests for the final component is especially important in the medical device industry. Many times, prototype components that just resemble the look and feel are not sufficient for the aggressive testing that medical device components go through.

Rapid Prototyping

We can provide fused deposition models, machined prototypes, or single cavity prototype molds to aid in the process of product development. We have in the past run pre-production molds that started as prototype molds until full production molds could be built. Flexibility in assisting our customers has and will continue to be a guiding principle of our business.