Other Services

Value Added Services

Da/Pro Rubber offers peripheral services including sub-assembly, special packaging & handling, customer specified testing, hot stamping and silk screening. 


Let Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. perform your full assembly or sub-assembly operations. This can save your company the time and expense of performing these operations in-house. We can deliver a fully-assembled part to your door.  We can offer a Class 10,000 Clean room area where assemblies can be done in a controlled environment. Contact us.  We are happy to show you how Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. can bring value to your assembly operations.

Special Packaging & Handling 

Custom Handling/Shipping

Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. can meet your demands for product ordering and delivery. Da/Pro is flexible in the ordering process to meet our customer's needs. Purchase orders may be received by fax, email, EDI or any other method that works well for our customer. Da/Pro will release shipments using Kan Ban, Just-in-time or blanket orders on a continuing basis. Our customer service personnel are trained to assist you with your ordering and delivery needs. Please contact us and we will make your shipping and handling problems disappear.

Custom Packaging 

Da/Pro Rubber, Inc. offers our customers custom packaging solutions to meet their production needs. Whether you need product packaged in our Clean Room facility, or product packaged individually to reduce distortion during shipping and storage, we meet your needs. Bar-coding is available. Please contact us for all of your custom packaging requirements.

Customer Testing

Our staff of engineers and quality control personnel are available to make sure your products are tested to meet your most stringent requirements. We will work with your quality control engineers to devise testing apparatus and protocols that accurately measure product performance. Whether you need statistical sampling or 100% inspection, Da/Pro has the capability to handle your large and small volume production needs. Contact us with your specific requirements.

Hot Stamping and Silk Screening