Quality Assurance

Da/Pro Rubber, Inc has a quality system that is an integral part of every process from material development, tool design, tool fabrication, and manufacturing. This combined effort results in the creation of high-quality molded components for our customers. Our Quality System is based on the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System Standard. To ensure consistency in the Da/Pro Molding Process, advanced Statistical Process Controls are utilized to monitor material properties, mixing, molding operations, and final product conformance to specifications.

We have trained quality personnel within our facility working to assure an "in control" molding process is maintained. The elastomeric materials are mixed under strict controls implemented by our chemists. Data on cure rates and physical properties are charted and reviewed to assure consistency of the mixed compounds. 

The final proof of the success of these efforts is the part itself. To ensure quality, parts are visually inspected for conformance to design criteria. Additional testing is available based on customer's needs.