Compression Molding Process

Rubber Compression Molding Process

Compression molding consists of a top and bottom plate mold that is machined to a custom configuration. An elastomer preform is added between the plates and the plates are compressed under heat and pressure for a specific amount of time.

The Da/Pro Rubber Difference in Compression Molding

The Da/Pro process for compression and transfer molding consists of an automatically controlled compression molding machine developed by Da/Pro Rubber. The complex is designed to adjust for compound or part configuration variables. The compression molding process is computer-controlled and monitored to maintain consistent molding conditions thereby assuring duplication of product throughout the molding cycles.

To increase production flexibility, the machine and mold apparatus design permits different part configurations to be molded in the same production cycle. A standard master shoe assembly permits many combinations of mold inserts to be quickly inserted for long or short run requirements, resulting in customer savings in tool costs. 

This proprietary compression molding process allows Da/Pro to manufacture high precision, tight tolerance, and virtually flash free custom compression molded rubber components.